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Formed in 1993, quickly came to the forefront as Romania's longest established and comprehensive audio production and postproduction company.

The state-of-the-art facilities offer the latest in digital technology as well as the state-of-the-art people who bring the perfect accomplishments to your projects.

An increasing number of foreign production companies are recognizing the substantial benefits of producing and posting their films in Romania.

TPR is a complete sound production and postproduction facility providing picture editing and sound design for Films, Television, Radio and Multimedia. Our team of expert picture and sound professionals offers a whole range of creative and technical solutions to each project, setting us apart as one of Romania's premiere production companies.

In it's two convenient locations in the-heart-of-the-city of Bucharest, National Theatre and Smirdan, we have created a comfortable and professional working atmosphere, with the flexibility to accommodate your needs. Featuring equipment from the industry's leading manufacturers including Sony, Dolby Laboratories, Digigram, Yamaha, JBL, Tascam and Fostex, TPR offers:

    - 2 mixing theatres accommodating both film and television in Stereo,  Surround, powered by JBL theatrical speaker system (to meet THX@ specifications) and provided with latest digital mixing consoles and recorders.

    - Fully digital-editing suites-Digigram loaded, connected to the studio and computers room.

    - ADR stages- 2 stages comparable in size, can accommodate up to 20 people at any time; equipped with non-linear audio workstations, timecode and video decks. ADR is a speciality of TPR, which it's early work was dialogue replacements for Disney.

    - Foley stage.

    - Sound Fx library.

    - Screening Facilities.

    - Transfer suites.

    - Editorial space of equipment.

 We also provide 3 complete production/location sound recording teams, fully equipped with digital timecode recorders (Fostex PD4, Portadat 1000TC, Tascam, Nagra) and the best microphones and radio-mikes.

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